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Mini VCM OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner for Ford

RRP: $39.99 (You save $10.00)
Ships within 24 hours

Product Description

The Mini VCM is a high performance diagnostics and reprogramming tool for most Ford vehicles and utilizes a high-speed USB connection to your computer. The Mini Ford VCM has most of the functions of the Ford VCM IDS and is capable of indentifying ECUs, scanning engine codes and much more.

  • Compatible with 1996-2010 (some 2011) Fords and some Mazdas
  • Cost Effective Solution to the Ford VCM IDS
  • Supports a wide range of Vehicle ECUs
  • Compatible with a wide range of communication protocols (4.J1850, ISO, CAN)
  • Automatic ECU recognition and vehicle scan
  • Scan and Clear engine codes
  • Live data logging/recording
  • Actuator tests
  • Control unit coding



  • Diagnostic Interface: 16-pin OBD2
  • USB Interface: 2.0
  • Power: DC 12-24 volts
  • Consumption: 5-10 watts


What's Included

  • Ford-VCM OBD Interface
  • Driver CD





1.Can the Mini VCM clear MIL lights?
Yes, the Mini VCM OBD is capable of clearing PCM fault code memory. Please note that all problems need to be fixed, otherwise MIL comes up immediately again.
2.Can the Mini VCM clear the airbag (RCM) light?
Yes, its capable of clearing the airbag fault code memory. Please note that all airbag related problems need to be fixed manually.
3.Can the Mini VCM perform key (immobilizer, PATS) learning?
Yes, it supports both coded and timed PATS. In connection with PATSCODE.com service you can do all immobilizer-related operations including ECU swapping.
4.Can the Mini VCM read immobilizer (PATS) security pin code from ECUs ?
Ford does not use fixed-pin security scheem for PATS. Instead of fixed code, OUTCODE-INCODE challenge-response scheme is used (so called CODED PATS). Ford-VCM OBD can work with CODED PATS. You can use patscode.com service to obtain INCODE for PATS authorization
5.Does it work with ELM32x interface?
No, the Ford-VCM requires a proprietary interface because ELM32x-style interfaces do not support all protocols and pinouts to perform full diagnosis.
6.Is it compatible with the Ford Galaxy?
Ford-VCM is fully compatible with Ford Galaxy Mk3 manufactured since 2006. For Galaxy Mk1 and Mk2 (1995-2000, 2000-2006) you will also need a VAG diagnostic tool as these cars are made in cooperation with Volkswagen Group and do not use Ford diagnostic protocols.
7.Is it compatible with the Ford Ka 2009?
The Ford Ka (model year 2009+) is manufactured in cooperation with Fiat. In fact this is Fiat-based, so you need to use tools such as the Fiat Examiner to diagnose this vehicle.
9.On which vehicles does patscode.com work?
Patscode.com works on all Ford and Mazda vehicles equipped with coded PATS with one exception: 2010 Ford US models (European and some other 2010 Fords work fine).
10.What other 3rd party products can be used?
In order to obtain INCODE you need to fill in at least VIN code and OUTCODE, which means that tools such as Ford IDS/VCM, MVP or AD100 will work.
11. What is MSCAN ?
MSCAN is s mid-speed CAN-BUS in Ford vehicles used to interconnect body and infotainment control units
12.What is bootloader?
Bootloader is part of the firmware code in control unit used for re-flashing purposes (it does not get updated during flash update process).
13.What is secondary bootloader (SBL)?
Secondary bootloader is the code uploaded by Ford-VCM OBD to RAM of control unit. It is used for functions not supported by the built-in bootloader.
14 .What means CART/DCL?
CART or DCL is the communication bus used on pre-1996 Ford models (Escort up to 2000). It is available through Ford-specific data link connectors
15.What is INCODE?
INCODE is the response part of CODED PATS challenge-response authentication mechanism. It is a 16bit hexadecimal number Ford-VCM OBD or other diagnosis tester needs to send to a control unit in order to complete PATS operation. This number can be obtained using patscode.com service.
16.What is OUTCODE?
OUTCODE is the challenge part of CODED PATS challenge-response authentication mechanism. It is a 24bit hexadecimal number provided by a control unit. This number changes in time and is used by patscode.com service to calculate INCODE.

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  1. VCM

    Posted by mecjxkav on 19th Aug 2014

    Great price

  2. Would buy from again

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2014

    Would buy from again

  3. It worked out great

    Posted by carpinteyroopr on 20th Jul 2014

    It worked out great

  4. good

    Posted by carpinteyrofvt on 18th Jul 2014

    good product

  5. no problems

    Posted by ubzbllokk on 5th Jul 2014

    worked as described

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