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Opel TECH2 USB Cable Software Install Guide

System Requirements:

  • Hardware: Windows Notebook or Desktop with CD-ROM drive and a USB 2.0 port
  • Recommended OS: Windows XP, Windows 7 32bit
  • Software CD. The Software can also be downloaded HERE


1. Insert the software disc and copy the complete folder onto your Desktop.


2. Plug in the Opel Tech2 USB device into your computer’s USB port. Windows may be able to detect the USB device and install the necessary drivers automatically.

If Windows cannot find the drivers, they will need to be installed manually. Go to the Device Manager*.

*The Device Manager can be found in the Control Panel or by right clicking the My Computer icon, click Properties and click on Device Manager.

In the Device Manager, find: Ports (COM and LPT), expand the tree, find: USB Serial Port and double click. Go to the Drivers tab and click Update Driver. Click: Browse my computer for driver software.

The driver is in the software folder that we copied from the CD to the Desktop earlier, so we will need to click the Browse… button and choose the software folder from the Desktop. Click Next, allow the driver to finish installing and click Close.


3. Go back and double click USB Serial Port from the Device Manager, go to the Port Settings tab, click Advanced, Select COM1 from the COM Port Number on the top of the box. Click OK, then OK again to exit.

Unplug the USB cable from your computer and plug it back in. You will see that the USB Serial Port has changed to COM1 . Close the Device Manager.


4. Open the Opel diagnostics software (Yellow Icon) from the Desktop folder. A small box may pop up and say Access is denied. Click ok to open the software.


5. Go to Settings and Select Serial Port: COM1, Select Program Language: English and Save Configuration. You are now ready to begin diagnostics.




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