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Torque Android App Setup Guide

Note: Before you can begin using the Torque App, Bluetooth must be paired between your Android phone and the scanner.



Start Torque. You will need to make sure your scanner is selected within the App. To do this, press the menu button on your phone and go to Settings.




Select OBD2 Adapter Settings



Select Choose Bluetooth Device, then select OBDII




If your app is set with your Bluetooth device correctly, then there should be four blue icons at the top showing without flashing.



gps-signal.jpg GPS

phone-signal.jpg Phone

scanner-signal.jpg OBD2 Scanner

car-signal.jpg Car


**If some of the icons are missing; this means there is no connection to that item. If the signal is flashing; the app has recognized a connection and is attempting connection but has not yet connected.


Feature Overview

Real-time Information

Displays numerous different readings your scanner receives from your car. Here, you can move the displays/dials as you wish by holding down on the display item and selecting “Move Display.” You can also add other displays/dials by going to the desired page and selecting “Add Display”. Real-time information can also be used to log the information gathered and gives you an option to Email the logs.





CHECK Fault Codes

Reads the engine check codes stored in your car's computer and allows you to view the reason for the code and clear them by selecting “Clear faults on ECU”. You should only clear engine codes when the problem has been solved. You can save the fault logs by selecting “Save fault log” and view these logs at any time by selecting “Load fault log”. The freeze frame button lets you see all of the current readings from the ECU.



Map View

With GPS enabled on your phone, Torque will record your GPS location while it is monitoring your car. In map view, you can see the route you took in a Google Maps display and it will also log the Duration and Distance of the trip. Map view also lets you save or Email your trip for future viewing and sharing as well.




This allows you to set either a scatter or line chart for data logging. You can set the type of sensor data to log on the X and Y axis, the number of data points to record and the interval in milliseconds.


Adapter Status

Here you can see information on your ECU, scanner and Torque app. You can also view the status of the connection between your app and the scanner.


Get Plug-ins

Directs you to the plug-in page on the Torque wiki site. This page shows some of the plug-ins that can be used with the Torque app.




Directs you to the Torque wiki page



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