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VAG KKL 409.1 Cable VCDS-Lite Install Guide

SAFETY WARNING: Never start and run your engine inside of a closed garage. Always make sure there is good ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide fumes are produced by your engine’s exhaust gases.

Compatible Product: VAG KKL 409.1 OBD2 USB Diagnostic Interface Cable


1. Go to and download the VCDS-Lite Software and the Drivers (CDM v2.08.30 WHQL Certified Windows Drivers)

2. Now plug the VAG-COM 409.1 USB cable into your PC. Windows will automatically detect the interface and attempt to find the correct drivers.

3. Extract and Open the “CDM 2.08.30 WHQL Certified for VAG 409.1” folder that you downloaded. Run the “CDM 2.08.30 WHQL Certified” installer to install the required Windows Drivers for the cable. (You may need to right click the installer and Run as Administrator).

4. After the driver installation is complete, we will need to setup the COM Port for the interface. Go to Control Panel > Device Manager and find the device under “Ports (COM & LPT). It should be called “USB Serial Port” and you will see the COM port number that was assigned to it. If the COM port number is 1, 2, 3 or 4, you will not need to configure the port. If it is not in the port range from 1-4, you will need to right click the “USB Serial Port” , then click “Properties”, then click the “Port Settings” tab, then click “Advanced”. Using the drop down menu, select a COM Port Number from 1-4. Click OK and OK to exit out.

5. Connect the VAG-COM 409.1 cable to your car’s OBDII diagnostic port and turn your key to the 2nd turn to turn on your ignition.

6. Run the VCDS-Lite-1.2-Installer that you downloaded to install the VCDS-Lite software.

7. Now you can start the VCDS-Lite 1.2 software from the Desktop shortcut icon. Click on Options. Under Select COM Port, choose the COM Port Number you selected prior in the Device Manager and click on Test. If the connection was successful, a box will pop up to let you know and you will be able to save the settings and begin using the software.


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