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VAS 5054A O.D.I.S. V2.0 Install Guide

Guide for Installing O.D.I.S. V2.0

Note: The installation process for other versions of ODIS will vary

1. From CD 1, run the OffboardDiagsetup-Service Installer, during the installation, it will ask you to choose your language and also for the interface, choose VAS 5054. Complete the installation.

2. Connect your VAS 5054A Interface to OBDII port and turn on the ignition to give it power.

3. Now you will need to Pair the Bluetooth connection from your PC's Bluetooth receiver. Make sure your Bluetooth receiver is enabled. On the lower right Task Bar, you will see a Bluetooth Icon. Right click, then Add Device. Windows will look for new devices. You will see the “VAS5054A ” device and click next. “XXXXXXXXX” will be your Bluetooth Pairing code. Select enter the device’s pairing code and enter the pairing code that was given prior to this step. It should be "082145725".

4. After successfully pairing the Bluetooth connection, there will be a desktop shortcut called ODIS Service EDIC configuration. This is used to add the VAS5054 Bluetooth Interface to the software.Open the EDIC Hardware Installation, click "add EDIC" and select "VAS5054" from the pulldown menu. Click OK on the warning window and select the correct COM port your VAS5054A is using, click OK and this will add your interface to the software.

5. Open up CD1, open the crack folder, then copy and paste "OffboardDiagLauncher" and copy it to C:\Program FIles\Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Service. It will ask prompt you to copy and replace the existing file. Click Yes.

6. Copy the compressed files from CD2 and CD3 into your desktop into a single folder. Using file extraction software such as 7-Zip, extract all 13 parts of the folder. The finished decompressed folder will be called "postsetup", which will be used when updating the software.

7. Now you can run "DiagStarter" from the desktop. It will ask you to locate the where the "postsetup" folder is that we just extracted. Proceed with the download and update. 

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