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16 Pin J1962 OBD2 Female Diagnostic Connector Cable Pigtail 3FT Length

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  • 16 Pin OBDII J1962F Female Connector Pigtail
  • Great for DIY and homemade projects
  • 16 Pin Female Connector 
  • Manufactured with high quality, automotive grade materials
  • All 16 Pins Connected
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 3FT / 1M

OBD2 Connector Pin-Out:

1 Manufacturers discretion Gray
2 SAE J1850 Line (Bus +) Brown White
3 Manufacturers discretion Light Green
4 Chassis Ground Light Blue
5 Signal Ground Yellow
6 SAE J2284 (CAN High) Purple
7 K Line of ISO 9141-2 & ISO/DIS 4230-4 Black White
8 Manufacturers discretion Red White
9 Manufacturers discretion Pink
10 SAE J1850 Line (Bus -) Brown
11 Manufacturers discretion Green
12 Manufacturers discretion Blue
13 Manufacturers discretion Orange
14 SAE J2284 (CAN Low) White
15 L Line of ISO 9141-2 & ISO/DIS 4230-4 Black
16 Unswitched Vehicle Battery Positive Red