1982-2001 BMW OBD1 20 Pin Oil Service and Inspection Light Reset Tool

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The oil service and inspection reset tool for BMWs allows you to reset the inspection or oil service light. Simply plug the reset tool into your OBDII port and press the button.


  • Resets the Inspection light
  • Resets the Oil Service light
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in extension cable
  • Easy to operate with no additional software required

Compatible Models:

  • BMW's from 1982-2001 with the 20 Pin Diagnostic Port (inside the engine bay)

Operating Instructions:

  • Plug the tool into the 20 pin diagnostics socket in the engine bay
  • Turn ignition key to enable power but don't turn on the motor.
  • Press and hold the button for the operation you want to perform
  • The LED of the chosen operation will turn on
  • Reset is complete when the LED turns off. Then release the button

Note: Some vehicles require that the inspection light is reset first before the oil service reset can be completed