9 Pin Deutsch J1939 Connector Pigtail for Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks

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9 Pin to 16 Pin OBD2 Diagnostic Adapter Cable for heavy duty commercial trucks. Compatible with diagnostic tools such as Autocom CDP, Launch X431 Heavy Duty, XTOOL PS2 Heavy Duty, etc. SAE J1939 is the recommended communication protocol used by the heavy duty commercial truck industry in the USA. The Deutsch 9 Pin connector can be found on wide range of diesel powered applications, including on and off road vehicles, marine and industrial applications.


  • 9 Pin Deutsch J1939 Male Diagnostic Connector to 16 Pin OBDII Female
  • Manufactured with high quality, automotive grade materials
  • Fully molded connectors offer durability and flexibility
  • Length: 3FT/1M
  • NOTE: Please make sure the diagnostic tool you are using is compatible

Pin Definitions:

  • Pin A: Ground
  • Pin B: Power, 12V or 24V which depends on your trucks/vehicles output
  • Pin C: CAN1/J1939+
  • Pin D: CAN1/J1939-
  • Pin E: CAN1/J1939 Shield
  • Pin F: J1708/J1587 High
  • Pin G: J1708/J1587 Low
  • Pin H: N/A
  • Pin I: N/A (Port J on trucks/vehicles socket)


  • For car/truck, manufacturers design port H and port J for their own application. Pin H and Pin I are set as N/A because they're usually not useful. Pin I is for port J on trucks/vehicles.        
  • Pin B is Power line. The output is 12V/24V or other voltage, depending on your vehicles’ power output. Please make sure that your devices support your vehicles’ voltage. (Example: if your vehicle voltage is 24V, your GPS tracker or other devices should support 24V as well)


  • J1939 CAN BUS diagnostic unit (for trucks)
  • J1939 body builder CAN bus monitor (for trucks)
  • J1939 interface industrial engine display unit
  • ISOBUS-control devices
  • CAN bus Universal Controller
  • CAN gateway and bus simulator