AK90+ BMW EWS + CAS Key Transponder Programmer V3.19

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The AK90+ is a key programmer for most BMW EWS/CAS systems until 2009 that safely allows you to program keys and transponders. Select MCUs can be read directly from the EWS circuit board without removal. The software also allows you to renew, lock or unlock existing keys


  • Supports all EWS systems and safely reads/writes the MCU
  • Supports all BMW EWS2.1/ EWS2.1/ EWS3/ EWS3.3/ EWS4/ EWS4.4
  • Supports 0D46J/1D47J/2S47J (encryption) / 2L86D safe reading/writing
  • Supports reading/writing for PCF7930/ PCF7935/ 10030A
  • Supports reading all 1995-2009 BMW EWS/CAS system keys
  • Latest software version V3.19


  • Directly read data dumps from MCUs printed with 1D47J, 2D47J, 0D46J, 2L86D WITHOUT removing MCU from circuit board!
  • Using the software, you can renew, lock or unlock keys
  • Programming original chips “EML 10030A” for making keys
  • Identifying keys for all EWS and CAS, displaying VIN, Key number and mileage


How do I make a BMW key with the AK90+? (EWS2/3)

1. Remove the EWS module underneath the steering column and disconnect the electrical harness that’s plugged into it

2. Open up the top of the case that is housing the circuit board and completely remove the circuit board from the casing

3. Before you start the software, plug the USB cable in from the AK90+ and your computer, then place your key or transponder in the center slot of the AK90+

4. Start the software. It’ll begin detecting your key/transponder. Once detected, click the “Test Key” button, which will read the key information to confirm it’s the correct key you want to program

5. Find your MCU number that’s printed on the MCU. Locate the drop down menu and select your MCU

6. An image will pop up showing you how to connect the cable to the chip. Once you connect it, click the “Read EWS” button.

7. After reading is complete, save a copy of the BIN file. Now select Analyze EWS”. You will then have the option to add/delete keys and modify information on the EWS.

8. Make sure your EWS data is loaded, and then click “Write Key”. You will have the option to choose which slot to write the key to and the type of transponder. Click “Write Key” to finish.

Note: If you’re using a blank virgin transponder, you may need to let it sit with the ignition on for 5 seconds for it to initialize for the first time before it can start your engine.

Recommended OS: Windows XP


What’s Included:

  • AK90+ Interface
  • EWS 2/3 10 Pin Cable
  • EWS 4 Chip data cable to read specific seat
  • USB Data/Power Cable
  • Software CD