Consult Bluetooth 14 Pin DDL Interface + Nissan DataScan I Software Package (1989-2000)

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This package includes the Nissan DataScan I Software and the supported Consult 14 pin DDL mini USB Interface required to use the software.

The Nissan DataScan I is intended for Nissan cars build between years 1989 and 2000. Majority of these cars are equipped with grey 14 pin Consult I connector. The connector is usually located near the fuse box.

A list of cars that the software has been tested on is located on the Supported Vehicles page. The list is by no means comprehensive and is constantly being updated as new vehicles are tested. If your car is not on the list but has the above mentioned connector chances are the software will work just fine.

NOTE: Some vehicles up to year 2004 use OBDII (K-Line) for communicating with the ECU, BUT still use the Consult I (14pin) port for diagnostics.

Functions: For the full list of functions, please visit the Nissan DataScan I product page. 


  • OBD Interface: Nissan DDL Consult I 14pin
  • OS: Windows Windows 98/ME/2000/Win XP 32 or 64bit /Win 7 32 or 64bit/Win 8/Win 8.1/10 (varies depending on the 3rd party software used)
  • Power: 12V from DDL Consult Port
  • Bluetooth Password: 1234
  • Bluetooth Device SSID: HC-05
  • Bluetooth Sleep: 5 minutes after disconnect

What's Included:

  • Nissan Consult 14 pin DDL Bluetooth Interface
  • Nissan DataScan I Software (2 Registered Licenses)

Important Warning about Older Nissan ECU Compatibility Issues: 

The Consult Bluetooth has been known to have some connection issues with the older Nissan ECUs from 1990-1994. The error message received is "Ini Failed" warning. 

Reported Vehicles: Nissan 240sx, Skyline R32

Possible Solution: Try to unpair the adapter from your Android Bluetooth Settings and then try pairing again directly through the NDSI App.

Software Download:

Changes and additions in Revision 1.63:

  • Trip computer bug fix
  • Minor bug fixes for Diesel parameters
  • Debug file location changed for compatibility with newer Windows OS
  • Multi language support. Requires language file. Only English language file provided at this stage. (Free license will be provided to anyone who can translate the file to a language not currently available)

Download Nissan DataScan I ver 1.63: Nissan DataScan I ver

  • French Language file. Thanks to Sebastien Mandelier. Right click and select "Save target as...": Francais.lang
  • Russian Language file. Thanks to Dmitry. Right click and select "Save target as...": Russian.lang
  • Dutch Language file. Thanks to Yannick. Right click and select "Save target as...": Dutch.lang

Download NDSI User Manual: Nissan_Datascan_User_Manual_1.0.pdf

Important Information:

  • Registered users are provided with two software licenses: laptop and desktop PC
  • Please test the unregistered version of the software before purchasing. If you are able to connect to your car's ECU the Nissan DataScan I software will work on your car.
  • After purchasing, you will be e-mailed the software activation information via the online registration system within 1 business day 
  • Registered users are provided with two software licenses: laptop and desktop PC
  • There are no refunds for software/license orders due to the nature of the product


Setup Instructions:

1. Find your car's Consult 14 pin diagnostic port. It's usually located near your interior fuse box and the connector is usually gray.

2. Plug in your Consult Bluetooth and turn on your ignition. The red LED (solid) and a blue LED (flashing) will turn on, indicating the Consult Bluetooth in on and ready to paired via Bluetooth.

3. Pair "HC-05" with your Android device, tablet or Laptop. The password is 1234.

4. Android Apps: Start your app and connect the Consult Bluetooth within the app

Windows: Open the Device Manager to identify which COM port you're using to connect within your Windows software

Note: The Consult Bluetooth only draws power when the ignition is on, so it can be left plugged in when it's not in use

Torque Pro App (Android) Setup: Create a vehicle profile. Scroll to the bottom and change the "Preferred OBD2 Protocol" and change it to "Nissan Consult"