OBD2 16 Pin Y Splitter Extension Cable for Mounting OBD2 Powered Devices

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This OBD2 splitter adapter cable connects to your existing factory under-dash OBD2 wiring harness connector and the snap-in (white) female connector snaps back into the factory mounting bracket.

The other female connector will now be a separate OBD2 connector for other OBD2 devices such as GPS trackers, Hot Spots, Power Adapters and more.

  • 1X OBD2 Male to 2X OBD2 Female Connectors
  • Molex style OBD2 connector fits the original mounting bracket on Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Scion vehicles
  • Great for installing OBD devices while leaving direct access to the OBD2 port for diagnostics
  • Flexible, heavy duty twisted shielded cable
  • Manufactured with high quality, automotive grade materials
  • All 16 wires pass-thru Length: 12 in / 1FT

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You cannot have 2 different OBD2 devices connected/reading data from Car Computer at the same time. If one you have 1 OBD2 device connected to the computer, then the other OBD2 device you're using must only be used as a power source.