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OBD2 Protocol Signal Detector & Break Out Box

Was: $69.99
Now: $64.99
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  • Can be used with a wide range of applications such as diagnostics, key programming and chip tuning
  • Allows you to see which OBD signal protocol is being used
  • Monitor data steam while performing test on vehicle using a Scan tool. 
  • Monitor testing voltage and check for low voltage
  • Detect and diagnose errors while using a diagnostic tool
  • Display communicating pin number
  • Jump OBD2 Pins using the included jumper cable without having to cut/rewire your diagnostic tool or cable
  • Can be used to save ECU data when battery is removed [connect the OBD2 cable from the breakout box and connect an additional power source]
  • Also provides an extension of OBD2 Connector