Rennsteig Release Tool for Metri-Pack & GT Series 12094429

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The Next Level of Removal Tools / Release Tools / Pick Tools for most used DELPHI Terminals. Made in Germany. You profit from the high level of functionality as well as from the longevity of these tools. To ensure that every detail is perfect, high tech is combined with handiwork. With this item you receive a high-quality and application-oriented tool

  • Remove terminals from GT 150, GT 280, Metri-Pack 150, Metri-Pack 280, 280 Tangless & 280 Bus Bar, 630 Pull-to-Seat, M/P 280 Pull-to-Seat, Lamp Socket Bases, B-1 & W-3, Metri-Pack 800 Female, Ducon 0.8, Ducon 150, Pac/on I/II Female, Pac/on I Male, Micro Pack 100, P/C Bow Female,
  • Comparable with Delphi part no. 12094429 or SPX Kent Moore part no. J-38125-12A
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Longer Lifetime compared to other Insertion and Removal Tools
  • Part #: 680-12094429