Fiat 3 Pin OBD VAG 409 KKL USB+Fiat Ecu Scan Diagnostic Interface

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The VAG KKL USB Interface with the 4 position switch is a cost effective diagnostics and reprogramming tool compatible with the ISO9141 and KWP2000 communication protocols found on many vehicles and motorcycles and is compatible with a wide range of 3rd party diagnostic software. Our high quality VAG KKL Interfaces use the reliable and widely supported FTDI FT232RL serial converter chip. Also included is a 3 pin to 16 pin OBD2 adapter cable for older OBD1/Pre-OBDII vehicles.
  • Genuine FTDI FT232RL Chip
  • Integrated 4 position switch for communicating with the Engine, Airbag, ABS and ESP
  • No need for special modifications or adapter cables
  • Fully supports Single and Dual K-LINES
  • Compatible with MultiEcuScan Software for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, etc
  • Get rid of the airbag error from your dashboard
  • Compatible with Windows XP 7 8 8.1 10 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Includes a 3 Pin to 16 Pin OBD2 Adapter Cable for OBD1 / Pre-OBD2 vehicles

Integrated 4 Way Switch to Easily Access Different ECUs:

Position 1 = Engine ECU (read / clear engine faults)
Position 2 = AirBag ECU (read / clear airbag faults)
Position 3 = ABS ECU (read / clear break faults)
Position 4 = ESP ECU (red / clear stability faults)

The Software will allow you to:

  • Reset your car's Engine Management Light
  • Reset Airbag Light
  • Retrieve Trouble Codes
  • Analyze Your Car's Data in Real-Time
  • Perform Fault Diagnostic Tests
  • Decode Your Car’s Stereo
  • Adjust your car's speedometer readings
  • OBD Code Analysis

Communicate with the follow modules:

  • Air Bags
  • Brakes
  • Anti-Theft Mechanism
  • Heating
  • Suspension
  • Electrics
  • Clutch
  • Sun-Roof
  • Central Locking
  • Air Conditioning
  • Stereo
  • Electric dashboard
  • Speedometer